Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Less Serious Side of Music

I Simply call this post, "Lessons in the Keys of Humility" or "Doses of Counterpoint in Reality"

...and then laugh at life.

My dream was to be a composer...

...but eventually I learned I was not noteworthy.

Either I had an unappreciative audience...

 ...or the truth hurt.

My new composition may not be exactly like Beethoven or Mozart...

...but does it even make sense?

For a while tried my hand at conducting...

...but written music has a complex language of its own.
...and everybody has to be on the same page, including the conductor.

Shhh! Genius at work...

Then again, maybe it's better if no one finds out.

Trade Secrets:
I used to wonder how those older accomplished conductors were able to memorize the entire scores of large works and then never seemed to lose their place when conducting a performance from memory.

easier this way... and I'm getting there myself.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The MCBC English Choir

The MCBC English Choir under Fred's very capable conducting.

One of the most encouraging remarks I once heard Fred say came early one Sunday morning a few years ago. Fred mentioned that he could not sleep well the night before, because the music and our voices were running through his thoughts. I don’t say encouraging because Fred could not sleep, encouraging because of his commitment to this choir. I too have to admit to some restless and almost sleepless Saturday nights before our Sunday presentations because the tenor part had been running through my head.

Below is another photo of our choir recorded in March 2008, the week prior to Sharon's final Sunday with MCBC. Missing from the photo are Fred and Jimmy. That morning, Fred had to rush off in order to conduct another choir.

With a deep and heart-felt thankful gratitude to God, and with many fond memories, I have been a part of this choir.  

Thanks Andrew for taking these photos.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum: a part of our history

In a light-hearted moment: our Sopranos and Altos with our pianist who will be leaving for university.

Our very talented conductor and gifted pianist (Father and daughter) June 2003